The Freedom of openGear With the Power of 12G: Ross Video Interview at IBC 2022

If you’re a fan of openGear, it’s most likely because it gives you freedom – the ability to choose any combination of products to get the most out of your frame for the best value, without being forced to rely on a single manufacturer. 

These days, that freedom and level of innovation has led to more and more workflows demanding the robust capability and simplification of 12G-SDI.

At IBC 2022, KitPlus caught up with Darren from openGear partner Ross Video. In the chat, they talked about how the new fourth-generation openGear frame has more power and more cooling to support 12G-SDI. 

Watch the interview. 

Ross Video, the designer behind OpenGear, offers the oGx Frame and free DashBoard Control System for monitoring within the openGear ecosystem. 

“The platform and the program are going very well,” Darren said. “Currently we’re at over 50,000 frames shipped. Over 150 partners are currently participating, and we’ve got tens and thousands of downloads of our DashBoard software that controls the platform. So the numbers are good and things keep growing with new products all the time.”

If you want to get the best value and maximum use out of your infrastructure (and see the latest use cases like 12G and IPTV), check out the new 2022 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide at It contains 26 total new use cases, including HDR, SRT, multiplexing, 4K UHD, and more. 

Ross Video has developed their own line of openGear 12G products, including the GATOR Toolbox 4K UHD Signal Converter, the MC1 SDI Master Control System, and the AMX-8952 4K UHD 12G Embedder/De-embedder.

The GATOR Toolbox is a Swiss Army knife of converters. It’s an any-to-any problem solver card that supports UHD, SDR, HDR, and a wide color gamut for color space conversions. What’s new with the GATOR is a software license that now allows 3D look up tables. You can find out more about Ross Video’s openGear offerings at



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