KVM Over IP and a Sync Generator That Offers Flexibility: Apantac’s New openGear Cards at NAB 2024

If you have multiple users in remote locations accessing the network, you probably already know how useful KVM over IP can be for securely delivering critical information that can be managed from anywhere. 

That’s why Apantac created a new openGear version of its popular KVM over IP cards. The OG KVM over IP is a 4K/UHD extender with either copper or fiber output.

Thomas Tang, founder and president of Apantac, talked with Simon Tillyer from KitPlus at NAB 2024 about Apantac’s new offerings in the openGear lineup. 

See what Apantac had at their booth in this quick video. >>

They also talked about the new openGear Sync Generator with 4 independent configurable outputs. It offers you flexibility for black burst or tri-level sync signals because outputs are configurable to your needs.

Apantac’s ongoing commitment to the openGear ecosystem is plain to see. “We now have more than 20 openGear cards. We actually don’t have enough room to put them all out,” Thomas Tang said on the show floor.

To find out more about all of Apantac’s 20+ openGear cards, visit Apantac.com.

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