New Reliable, Flexible openGear SDI→2110 Encapsulation Card & JPEG-XS Compression Card from MultiDyne

If you work in a hybrid SDI and IP environment, or you are transitioning from SDI to IP, you want future-proof solutions that offer you both flexibility and reliability. And that’s exactly what MultiDyne produces within the openGear ecosystem.

While at NAB 2024, Michael Jordan from MultiDyne spoke with Simon Tillyer from KITPLUS about two new openGear cards from MultiDyne. The MDoG-6060 and MDoG-6061 are both bidirectional converter cards that offer you the reliability of hitless redundancy switching. 

Take a look at the 2-minute video. >>

The MDoG-6060 is a ST2110 gateway, providing SDI to 2110 encapsulation and 2110 to SDI de-encapsulation. The MDoG-6061 card is specifically designed for JPEG-XS compression. 

MultiDyne’s commitment to openGear stands the test of time. “It’s the industry standard. It’s a great platform,” remarked Michael. “We really love it and we’re going to continue to develop cards for it.”

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