DashBoard Control System​

DashBoard is a free and open platform for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels making complex operations simple. DashBoard provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products from more than 100 technology adopter partners within the openGear and DashBoard Connect ecosystem. Its ability to craft application specific solutions across this breadth of products is what makes DashBoard so special.

Download DashBoard for free to start building panels and monitoring your openGear devices.

Control & Monitoring

The DashBoard Network Control and Monitoring system is a free application designed for remote control & monitoring of the open architecture, openGear® platform.


DashBoard v8 adds in a lot of features to make developing CustomPanels easier and provides new features to get the most out of those panels.

Use PanelBuilder if you want to:

  • Integrate control of multiple devices into a single, logically laid out control surface. For example, trigger graphics, video servers, and transitions from the same UI.
  • Allow operators to focus on the production, and not on the equipment being used. This is especially useful when operators are experts in what the production needs to be, but not how it’s made such as in a House of Worship, School or Corporate setting.
  • Support a new workflow using existing equipment.
  • Create a Network Operations Center view of geographically dispersed production equipment, with system health status aggregating up thru each level so that you can quickly drill down to where the trouble is when faults occur.
  • Control other vendors’ equipment. With over 100 openGear and DashBoard Connect partners, it’s quite likely that the equipment you want to control already understands DashBoard. Otherwise, advanced users can take advantage of PanelBuilder’s rich and powerful scripting support to communicate with 3rd party equipment via UDP.

Visual Logic

DashBoard is an amazing tool for creating custom workflows to control openGear devices, Ross equipment or really any third party IP-based hardware. Scripts on Custom Panels are incredibly powerful. This can be a challenging task for users with no scripting or programming background. To resolve this,  Visual Logic support has been added to DashBoard.