Are you looking for assistance to build your first or next openGear card? Would like to develop your openGear solution faster but don’t have the resources?  Perhaps, you want a customized DashBoard panel but don’t want to do it yourself.

The design services companies below are openGear partners and are ready to help.


Advantech’s Video Solutions Division has been developing highest-quality video solutions for the top service and solution providers in the industry for over 10 years. Advantech VEGA series offers a variety of high-performance video acceleration platforms that can be integrated with the intelligent video and new mobile infrastructure. With the latest low latency 4K/8K UHD video processing and IP media SMPTE ST2110 technologies, Advantech accelerates the deployment of next generation, open and more efficient video solutions across a wide range of applications from broadcast encoding and high-density OTT transcoding to cloud, AI and mobile.   We welcome ODM designs and partnerships within the OpenGear member community. Learn more…


Fidus specializes in leading-edge electronic product development. Our hardware, software, FPGA and signal integrity teams innovate, design and deliver next-generation products for clients in emerging technology markets. As an openGear partner, we have extensive experience with flexible, differentiated and standards-based solutions that combine software programmability, real-time video processing, hardware optimization and any media connectivity required for all video and vision-based systems. We build long term relationships by consistently exceeding expectations. Learn more…

Rocket Surgery

Rocket Surgery creates scalable DashBoard control systems specific to your needs. Learn more…

  • The Rocket will create custom Control interfaces that meet your workflow needs and specifications.
  • The Rocket offers long and short-term support for your custom control, ensuring the solution is always ready to meet changes in your environment.
  • The Rocket has a proven track-record with advanced 3rdparty device protocol integration.
  • The Rocket offers best-in-class service and delivery with triggering, control, data management, graphics integration and workflow.


Syntronic Research and Development Canada Inc. is an Engineering Design House specializing in the design and development of products, solutions and test systems in the area of electronics, electro-mechanics and software. Our high performance team of designers and engineers work on highly technical projects, supporting customers in a variety of markets which include the broadcast industry. Syntronic has experience with IP and analog video and camera systems. We look forward to supporting partners on the openGear platform. Learn more…


Imicast has been helping its clients develop and support products such as encoders, professional receivers and transcoders since 2008. We are excited to be a part of Ross’ openGear ecosystem and can assist you with the development of openGear compatible cards, or even provide a full turn-key design service to create them for you.

As you would expect, our experience not only covers video, but also a wide range of audio and ancillary standards, IP transport, timing and more. With our help, our clients have delivered award winning products to major broadcasters throughout the world. Some of these products we are continuing to support more than a decade after their release. Learn More…