Video: Cobalt’s Award-Winning Super High Density Additions to the openGear Family at NAB 2024

If you require high density and low latency production options, you’ll want to check out Cobalt’s new award-winning additions to the openGear family.

At NAB, Cobalt talked about the newly released openGear cards, including the 12G Dante embedder/de-embedder with frame sync and super high density, that supports up to 200 audio channels. If you stack up 10 of them in a frame, you get up to 2,000 audio channels.

Watch the video to see for yourself. >>

In this interview, Suzana Brady from Cobalt Digital and Simon Tillyer from KITPLUS talk about the 3 new cards that were revealed at NAB, including the 12G Dante embedder/de-embedder, as well as the Indigo 2110 and Pacific 9992 encoders, which can all be managed with the control panel, through web control, or with your openGear Dashboard.

In the video, you’ll hear all about the new Indigo 2110, which is bi-directional, supports up to 4 channels, and is native 2110 to SDI, so you can transmit and receive simultaneously in the same card. And if you stack up all the cards, you can have up to 40 conversion channels in one openGear frame.

Suzana also talks about the new Pacific 9992 encoder that now has the option to have 2110 inputs. It is an extremely rich, very high-quality broadcasting encoder that supports all the protocols, including RIST and SRT, and can be used for low latency video transport over the internet or even for traditional ASI workflows.

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