Consolidate Your VITEC openGear Cards with the New Diamond Family Chassis That Automates Redundancy

If you’re using multiple VITEC openGear cards, you need to check out the Diamond family streaming chassis just released at NAB 2024 that integrates them all into one dashboard, configures all the channels, manages streaming, and automates redundancy.

David Ben Atar spoke with Matt Robbins from KITPLUS at NAB 2024 all about VITEC’s new Diamond C10 reliable IP streaming chassis.

Watch the video to see for yourself. >>

In the interview, you’ll hear about how whenever a new card is inserted, it gets configured, updated, and gives you a view of what sources and channels are connected with either a green light or lets you know of any errors, missing inputs, or streaming issues – all from a single point of management. You’ll never have to open single tabs for each card again.

You’ll get the scoop on the incredibly reliable redundancy scheme that knows if one of the cards is having issues, and the controller can automatically detect it and configure a different card. Also, because you have multiple network ports, you can duplicate the streaming or have a backup of the network ports, which is yet another layer of redundancy and protection for the system.

Are you ready to find out more about the cards being used in the new Diamond C10 chassis, and all the Leader Partner solutions available now on the openGear platform? 

You can find out more about VITEC’s streaming chassis at, and visit to get the updated 2024 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide to see how openGear is being used right now.