openGear partner Apantac’s Card That Does It All

Apantac card


At openGear, what we hear over and over again from customers is that when you have a specific need for a card with specific features, you breathe a sigh of relief that the openGear ecosystem exists because you can find exactly what you need and it will work within your existing architecture.

Let’s say, for example, that you run the audio-visual setup at a big corporate headquarters’ event center, and you need a universal scaler. That’s a use case that time and time again chooses the Apantac openGear product we want to tell you about today.

The OG-US-5000 Bi-Directional UHD Universal Scaler with Genlock is a single card that does it all, which means you can simplify inventory. It accepts HDMI or SDI and outputs HDMI and SDI up to 12G with the two outputs set for a different resolution. It also supports Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) learning and emulation, which allows you to force the resolution you want the card to output, minimizing the potential for error. 

In addition to being an ideal choice for HD to UHD transition, a unique benefit of the OG-US-5000 is that it accepts HDMI that only provides a 4.2.0 color sampling to give a range of sample color rates. That means it’s compatible with even some consumer products at the same time that it’s robust enough for 12G-SDI.

Apantac offers a wide range of openGear cards in addition to the OG-US-5000, including quad-splits and multiviewers, converters and scalers, distribution amplifiers, extenders, a KVM over IP receiver, and an audio de-embedder. 

All of these solutions work within the openGear framework and DashBoard software, simplifying system integration from multiple manufacturers and giving you freedom and control. You can find out more about Apantac’s openGear offerings at

If you want the flexibility of hundreds of card choices from dozens of leading companies like Apantac, check out the new 2022 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide at It contains 26 new use cases, including HDR, SRT, multiplexing, 12G-SDI, IPTV, 4K UHD, and more.