openGear + DashBoard Simplify Complex Operations at Kauffman Stadium & More

The Rocket Surgery team at Ross Video demonstrates DashBoard, the free and open platform that can make complex operations simple. DashBoard provides control and monitoring to hundreds of products within the openGear ecosystem, allowing you to operate a wide variety of functions like:

  • Virtual productions that include augmented reality
  • Fan engagement and lighting at sports venues
  • Easy-to-use production solutions for houses of worship
  • Flexible and efficient newsrooms for cross-platform dissemination
  • Cost-effectively broadcasting legislative sessions

In this video, you’ll see how Rocket Surgery used DashBoard at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City to program and control fountains, lighting effects, interactive games on the digital board, and fast playback of game moments. Starting at 39:55, other openGear Leader partners share how they use DashBoard to create solutions that reduce complexity. Download DashBoard for free from Ross Video »

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