VITEC’s diverse and scalable new openGear encoder decoder cards

When your application is a point-to-point contribution, and you’re broadcasting several channels, you need high density and diversity to transport video from one point to another, and you can count on VITEC’s end-to-end solutions to scale up as needed.

At IBC, openGear Leader Partner VITEC talked about their newest hot swappable encoder decoder cards on the openGear platform.

Watch the video to see for yourself >>>

In this interview, Fadi Jumaa from VITEC and Matt Robbins from KITPLUS talk about the high density, scalability, and diversity of the new cards now available to broadcasters that can accommodate any format, codec, or protocol you might need to transport video from one point to another, all in one platform. 

Fadi talks about how their products provide high density, scalability, and factors broadcasters need to be incorporated, and how you can now “have 40 HD encoding in one 2RU chassis that provides density, scalability, and as I said, diversity, because we can accommodate all the formats, all the protocols, all the inputs you have, whether it’s IP, whether it’s HDMI, whether it’s SDI – we can accommodate all of this.”

And as always, these new products come in line with VITEC’s strategy to provide an end-to-end solution that incorporates other VITEC products like EZ TV and ChannelLink. They are committed to the openGear platform’s support of hot swappable cards and redundant power supplies.

You can find out more about VITEC’s encoder decoder cards at

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