Innovations to Bring Together Any Cards You Need From openGear Leader Partner Ross Video

You have enough to keep in mind during production without also having to go in and out of menus to find the controls you need. That’s why choosing the openGear system to unify the cards you’re using into one interface is such a smart move.

Between the growing list of more than 150 openGear platform partners with cards available right now and the SmartCORE router coming soon that will merge openGear with Ultrix, you’re going to love the latest innovations from Ross Video.

While at IBC2023, openGear Leader Partner Ross Video showed off the latest Ross offerings, including 3 new openGear cards:

  • TES-8943, a VANC data processor card that’s needed for SCTE-104 insertion, decoding and extraction.
  • SRA-8901-R, a bypass protection switch, which is used to protect your revenue-generating signal flows, especially air chains, and avoid costly downtime so that even if there’s a power failure and power is cut off to this card, it will continue to pass that critical signal.
  • SFC-6901, a quadchannel SDI fiber converter that allows you to streamline your infrastructure and conserve fiber.

Watch the video to see for yourself >>>

Darren first talks about Ross Video’s new data processor card, bypass protection switch, and quad-channel SDI fiber converter, all available now for your openGear rack, along with the features and use cases you need to know about, as well as what makes this versatile frame system so popular, and the growing success they’re seeing with partners and DashBoard downloads, exceeding 40,000 to date, after the most recent DashBoard release.

He goes on to say: “The partner number is always increasing. At this point, I’ve been with Ross for about a year, and so it’s been really enlightening for me to come to understand better the power of that open ecosystem and what the design of the frame has by giving it plenty of power and cooling to support the latest IP and UHD, whether that’s done on FPGAs, CPUs, or GPUs. The frame is able to handle it, and it’s connectivity agnostic. That’s what the partner does, is come up with the connectivity of the card. It’s led to a huge breadth of product where there isn’t a niche or there practically isn’t an application you can’t fill in this type of form factor. If one partner doesn’t have something you need, for sure, you can find it somewhere else.”

He then introduces SmartCORE, which he explains “is basically port-associated processing control that is merging any connected processing resources to the [hyperconverged] router” so you can control connected source and destination menus from the same router interface. This means not having to back out of menus to get to what you need.

Darren explains that since openGear is “a completely open control system, by default, it’s compatible with any partner’s technology. There is no such thing as any third-party integration that’s needed. It’s not just a Ross product. If you’ve got anything that’s controllable from any open gear partner in an openGear frame, DashBoard is your unified end-to-end facility control system.”

You can find out more about Ross Video’s openGear cards, get the latest version of DashBoard,  and stay tuned for more info on the SmartCORE hyperconverged router at

If you’re ready to see all that’s available with the versatile openGear frame system, visit — and get the 2023 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide to check out the many applications and solutions the openGear platform can provide to you.

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