VITEC’s new openGear encoders and decoders: Diamond and Ace

When you need to take in video sources, digitize them and stream them over your IP network, VITEC has you covered. 

At NAB, openGear Leader Partner VITEC released their new encoders and decoders that can be used for point to point contribution links with VITEC’s channel link video distribution platform or with their EZ TV enterprise video distribution platform.

Watch the video to see for yourself >>

In this interview, Bill from VITEC and Simon from KITPLUS show off the new MGW Diamond Encoder and MGW Ace Decoder, available as standalone appliances or as openGear cards.

“We’re showing off our ACE decoder, which is a single channel HD or 4K decoder device with a variety of outputs. It supports HDMI, SDI, and DVB ASI outputs. And then we have several different variations of the Diamond encoder. We have the multi channel Diamond with SDI inputs, either four channels of HD or a single channel of 4K. We also have a dual channel HDMI variation. And then our latest introduction is the Diamond Plus, which is our two broadcast encoding platform, supporting MPEG2, MPEG4, and HEVC encoding.”

VITEC encoders support a variety of professional video distribution protocols; UDP transport protocols, SRT, ZIXY, RIST, as well as delivery over the top.

You can find out more about VITEC’s encoding and decoding cards here.

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