Options That Give You Freedom of Choice, Flexibility & Reliability From openGear Leader Partner Ross Video

No one likes getting locked into using one brand for everything on a rack, especially if it means you end up with cards that are less than ideal for a specific task. 

You want to have the freedom to choose the best card in each situation, and that’s why openGear continues to be so popular.

While at NAB 2023, Darren Ward from Ross Video caught up with Matt Robbins from KITPLUS to talk about the Ross offerings within the openGear platform, including 4 new 12G SDI cards:

  • SFC-6901, a quad channel fiber card that allows you to completely define the deck directionality to use in many different ways 
  • TES-8943 VANC processor, which replaces a very popular older card and adds 12G support for embedding, de-embedding, and VANC data processing, so it’s a very versatile problem-solver card
  • SHC-8932-F, an SDI to HDMI converter that’s perfect for large displays where you have a lot of different feeds. It’s a dual path card that provides you with an automatic switchover in the event of a problem in order to keep your HDMI signals alive. 
  • SRA-8901-R relay bypass protection switch for your most critical revenue-generating feeds, so even if the frame loses power, this card will drop over to a bypass signal and keep you on air.

Watch the video to find out more about these new products. 

Also at the Ross Video booth, Bill Rounopoulos from Ross Video spoke with Matt about the continuing success of the openGear family of products. Watch the second video. >>>

Now in its 18th year, openGear is more popular than ever before. That means you get constant innovation and the ability to choose from 150 partners’ products that work on a reliable frame with a powerful control system to manage it all. 


“We just shipped our 50,000th frame. It’s very exciting news,” remarked Bill. “And we now have over 150 partners and over 20,000 dashboard downloads. It’s been remarkable.”


openGear is the ideal choice for giving you flexibility because you have so many options to get exactly what you need. To find out more about openGear products – including these 4 from Ross Video – visit openGear.tv to get the new 2023 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide.