For Resilience & Customer Satisfaction, openGear is the Platform of Choice for MultiDyne Customers

If you’ve worked with openGear, you know it plays well with others. That’s one of the reasons people choose the framework again and again. 

It’s the terminal gear platform of choice due to its resilience, dual power supplies, superior cooling, and of course, compatibility. 

At NAB 2023, Jesse Foster from openGear Leader Partner MultiDyne had a chance to talk to Matt Snow from KITPLUS on the show floor about the line of openGear offerings from MultiDyne, including a few key updates.


The OG-3600 and 4600 series cards are now compatible with MultiDyne’s VB series, which allows for video, audio, data, and comprehensive signal support over one single fiber. You can fit 10 PTZ camera interconnects or 40 channels of video with 10-gigabit Ethernet on one openGear frame.

They also discuss a new OG-5510-5S multiviewer with advanced on-screen graphics that allows you to build systems using the OpenGear platform for multiplexing audio, video, and data over a minimal amount of fibers.

To find out more about MultiDyne’s openGear offerings, as well as those from other leader partners, visit to download the 2023 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide.

2024 oG App Guide