How You Can Maintain HDR All Through Your Workflow With Apantac openGear Options

When you have a complex setup with a converter or two involved, it would be understandable if you worried about HDR getting cut off. 

While at NAB, however, openGear Leader Partner Apantac had 3 demonstrations on their booth showing why that concern is a thing of the past.

Watch the video to see why. >>>

In the video, Thomas Tang, President of Apantac, speaks with Simon from KITPLUS, walking through the tech behind each of the 3 complex setups. Watch to find out how Apantac’s openGear HDR converters and mux/demux can maintain high dynamic range (HDR) throughout your workflow without it being cut off. 

With Apantac and openGear, if you put HDR in, you’ll get HDR back out. 

As more and more studios are demanding HDR all the way through – as well as event centers and other venues with video walls – you need scan converters, mux/demux, and universal scalers that provide dependable HDR like Apantac’s most popular OG-US-5000, a UHD (HDMI 2.0 and 12G SDI) bi-directional universal scaler with Genlock. You can find out more about the OG-US-5000 or any of Apantac’s openGear offerings at  

Best of all, because solutions like the OG-US-5000 are openGear, you can mix different brands on the same frame with the same common interface (the openGear DashBoard), fully utilizing your frame with the best products for your needs.  

Want to know more about the flexible openGear family of products? Visit to get the new 2023 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide, which contains 26 new use cases, including HDR, SRT, multiplexing, 12G SDI, IPTV, 4K UHD, and more. 


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