AJA’s new openGear cards: FiDO fiber for long distances

If your racks have a fair distance between them, or you have a central control room, AJA’s openGear compatible FiDO fiber inputs and outputs are the solution to deal with those long distances.

Thanks to the openGear platform, many AJA modules can be used with cards you might be buying from another vendor, so you can custom assemble what you need for a project.

At NAB 2023, Simon from KITPLUS visited the AJA booth to check out their featured Dante audio embedders/disembedders to 12G-SDI, and other openGear compatible converters.

In this video, you’ll see a lot of AJA openGear cards that are shipping now, in addition to their FiDO fiber and Dante audio cards, Hi5 and HA5 products, AMD cards, and FS-Mini frame synchronizers. All have been really well accepted by openGear customers. 

The Dashboard control system is extremely useful for keeping everything in check as you work across combined networks in terms of multiple cards. You’ll really love this platform, and our powerful cards all in one 2U chassis with dual power supply, for the power redundancy you need to go live.

You can find out more about AJA’s openGear compatible cards at www.aja.com/family/opengear.

And, if you’re ready to find out more about the openGear frame that gives you the flexibility to mix and match AJA and other card products, visit openGear.tv to get the new 2023 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide to see how openGear is being used right now.

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