Flexibility Is the Name of the Game: MultiDyne Interview at IBC2022

When you need fiber transport for things like signal trunking, studio links, or campus interconnects, you want ultimate flexibility so that you can set everything up in the way that makes the most sense. 

While at IBC2022, KitPlus got a chance to speak with Sebastian Mucha from openGear partner MultiDyne. They talked about their wide range of openGear fiber optic transport cards and how they can be configured in many different ways. That gives their customers the flexibility they want.

Specifically, Sebastian talked about their newest openGear offering, the new 12G DA card, which offers a bypass relay in case of power loss so the broadcaster can continue receiving the signal. He also shared the OG-4600 Series with up to 4 12G SDI signals, allowing for maximum flexibility and signal integrity.

“Our niche in designing the products is solving the problems of the customers,” said Mucha. “We do something different. We don’t just design one card for one purpose. We give a lot of flexibility for our customers,” and openGear helps them achieve that flexibility. 

All of these solutions work within the openGear framework and DashBoard software. You can find out more about MultiDyne’s openGear offerings at www.multidyne.com

If you want the flexibility of hundreds of card choices from dozens of leading companies like MultiDyne, check out the new 2022 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide at opengear.tv. It contains 26 new use cases, including HDR, SRT, multiplexing, 12G-SDI, IPTV, 4K UHD, and more. 


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