“Committed to openGear”: AJA Interview at IBC 2022


One of the reasons customers love openGear technology so much is because it’s both future-proof and backward-compatible. You just know when you choose an openGear option that it will work with what you’ve already got – and what you need in the future too. 

At IBC 2022, KitPlus caught up with Tim Walker from openGear partner AJA. In the chat, they talked about their new openGear products for professional video production and why they are committed to openGear in the first place. (Spoiler: it’s what their customers want.)

“We’re definitely committed to openGear,” Tim said. “It’s been very popular for us and our customers are having great success with it. So we’re continuing to expand on the portfolio that we offer.”

AJA develops an extensive range of solutions for the professional video and audio market, from conversion devices to I/O solutions, digital recorders, cameras, and more. Their latest openGear products include the OG-Dante-12GAM card, 12G optical to electrical converters, and the OG-FIDO line of converters. 

The Dante card is particularly exciting because it provides a bridge between SDI and Dante infrastructures, as well as 32 channels of audio embedding and disembedding simultaneously. That means it offers audio-system scalability, easy installation, and simplified wiring. 

All of these solutions work within the openGear framework and DashBoard software. You can find out more about AJA’s openGear offerings at aja.com

If you want to be assured your infrastructure is both future-proof and backward-compatible, check out the new 2022 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide at opengear.tv. It contains 26 new use cases, including HDR, SRT, multiplexing, 12G-SDI, IPTV, 4K UHD, and more.