4 New Apantac openGear Cards Offer Versatility and Flexibility

See Apantac’s new openGear offerings at IBC2023 including an HDR UDX converter. 

If you’re shooting in HDR at a sports venue or out of an OB truck – or transitioning from SDR to HDR – you want the flexibility to easily convert everything to the same standard.

That’s why one of 4 new openGear cards from Leader Partner Apantac offers you up-, down-, and crossconversion, allowing you to convert SDR to any type of HDR, downconvert HDR to SDR, and crossconvert from one HDR format to another. It also allows you to do frame rate conversion, so you can scale up and down, with genlock, and go from HDMI to SDI, or SDI to HDMI.

While at IBC2023, Thomas Tang, founder and president of Apantac, chatted with Simon Tillyer from KitPlus about Apantac’s 4 new openGear cards that deliver flexibility and a wide range of innovative features along with the versatility of the openGear platform. 

Take a look at the video. >>

Watch the video of their conversation to hear Thomas talk about: 

  • a first-of-its-kind modular HDMI AV-over-IP card that can be used with 10 gigabit Ethernet
  • an SDI embedder, the OG-DA-SDI-DE 12G, which is in high demand
  • an NDI-to-SDI conversion card that supports a quad NDI to quad SDI output 
  • the HDR UDX converter 

You’ll hear about how you can use the HDR UDX converter if you’re moving to the standard or need flexibility for your on-prem workflows. 

To find out more about Apantac’s 4 new openGear cards, visit Apantac.com

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