Rock-solid Reliability from openGear and Ross Video

Find out About New Updates from NAB 2024 in a Video from the Show Floor.

Reliability is always mission critical, and it’s especially important toward the end of the air chain with the last pieces of hardware before you go to transmission or go to air. 

That’s why Ross Video’s MC1 Master Control switcher has added an automatic smart failover functionality. You can select from a number of video, audio, or ancillary data alarms, create an alarm pool, and if any failure within that alarm pool is seen on the program path, MC1 will do an automatic switch over to a backup. This update is available through a free firmware upgrade, and it gives you a rock solid air chain.

When Darren Ward from Ross Video caught up with Simon Tillyer from KITPLUS at NAB 2024, they spoke about MC1 and also 2 other Ross Video offerings within the openGear platform.

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The SFC-6901 bi-directional quad channel fiber converter card was introduced last year. New this year is automatic failover, so you can protect against upstream failures or fiber failures, as well as an added 16 channels of CWDM. If fiber is scarce, you can increase the capacity by 16 times, so in total you can get up to 64 HD signals onto a single fiber. It’s a great choice for both reliability and conserving fiber.

Finally, in scenarios where you have an Ultrix full media processing and routing platform at the core and openGear edge points where you might have processing and fiber transport, now you can do an end-to-end fiber savings using CWDM without any additional conversion steps. The 2 formats play nicely together.

You can find out more about the new openGear card offerings from Ross Video at

When you need both flexibility and reliability, openGear is the ideal choice. To find out more about openGear products – including these updated offerings from Ross Video – visit to get the new 2024 Ultimate openGear Applications Guide.