D2D on KitPlus: Watch the interview for the fastest and easiest switching solution

Don’t you love it when you find out there’s a new solution to a problem you have all the time?

If you’re using SRT to send your broadcast signal to local stations, you have likely encountered a common problem. After many of you asked for a solution, D2D, an openGear partner, created one that is not only fast and easy, it’s cost effective too.

KitPlus just posted an interview with D2D’s Jessica Colyer, where they break down why our latest innovation is a solution people have been clamoring for. It’s a great conversation you can watch in just a few minutes, so don’t miss it

D2Switch switches your transport stream after it has left the station in 3 convenient ways: you can log in and tell it to switch, you can set a time to switch on demand, or you can use GPIO contact closure to trigger it. 

This simple and effective switching solution is compatible with openGear products, significantly more affordable than other options out there, and it solves 3 common problems:

  • You need to cut away from the prime time feed – maybe for ads, maybe for local news, or maybe you’re approaching a licensing issue. With D2Switch, you can cut away to local content or another SRT stream from anywhere with the touch of a button on the switcher. It couldn’t be easier. Even if live programming overruns, D2Switch allows for full control to override a scheduled switch, even if you are not in the same location as the unit using D2Manage


  • You probably already know that local ID insertion is very expensive. It can easily require $30,000 to 40,000 worth of equipment. D2Switch allows you to automatically switch and  show the station ID, then go back to regular programming. Not only is this solution much more cost effective, it allows you to easily display your station branding and remain compliant.

  • If the internet isn’t reliable, there’s a network jitter, or another network issue, D2Switch provides hit-less redundancy, automatically switching to another source. This is a problem many of you have wanted a solution for, and D2Switch is that solution.

Watch the interview on KitPlus to find out more. 

D2D is fine-tuning and beta-testing D2Switch right now, so if you’re interested in getting started with it, get in touch with our partners at D2D.


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