Video: Cobalt Digital’s New Award-Winning PACIFIC Ultra-Low Latency Decoder & More Innovative Cards at IBC2023

It’s no wonder why openGear Leader Partners keep producing new and innovative cards that work on the openGear platform. 

They’re popular. Customers ask for them year in and year out. 

That’s why Cobalt Digital Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Suzana Brady says, “We live and breathe openGear products.” 

While in Amsterdam, Suzana spoke with Dr. Ciro Noronha, CTO of Cobalt Digital, about the new PACIFIC Ultra-Low Latency Decoder, which won a Best of Show TV Technology Award at IBC2023.

Watch the <4-minute video.

The newest member of Cobalt’s compression family, the PACIFIC ULL-DEC, is an openGear card that can do either one 4K or two HDs with less than one frame end-to-end delay in ultra-low latency mode. 

It supports RIST, HLS, SRT, as well as offering you very comprehensive audio support, embedding any audio under the sun on SDI. And early in 2024, a firmware upgrade is going to make it a four-channel decoder with all channels capable of ultra-low latency.

They also looked at the SAPPHIRE 8JSX-8S, an 8-channel JPEG-XS to SDI converter card with the highest density openGear conversion capability on the market, as well as ease of use.  

Finally, they talked about the INDIGO 2110-DC-01, a native ST 2110 factory add-on card option that allows you to circumvent multiple boxes or processing elements in the data path and avoid expense and potential errors. 

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