2-Wire to 4-Wire, Party Line Converter

Model: OG-Comms

Product by: MultiDyne

The COMMS Series, Intercom Units provide a means to interface between two channels of 2-Wire party-line intercom audio and two channels of 4-Wire analog line-level signals. The unit is capable of performing auto nulling for each channel with the push of a button. In addition, each of the 4-Wire input and output channel levels is monitored and displayed on easy to understand front panel VU meters. With the flip of a switch, the unit can be a +28VDC party-line voltage power source while providing the 200 ohm intercom audio termination on both channels. If so desired, the party-line source and termination can be removed by just flipping the switchback. The unit can also be configured to work with either RTS party-line or ClearCom party-line equipment with the flip of a front panel control switch. This switch adjusts the output gain between the party-line circuitry and the 4-Wire line-level circuitry depending on which type of units one is interfacing with.

Auto nulling is done to achieve maximum return loss between the 4-Wire input and the 4-Wire output channels.

The OG-Comms is fully openGear compatible, and industry-standard card frame, fully SNMP controllable and monitored through DashBoard industry-standard software. The openGear frame also offers redundant power supplies By adding a MultiDyne OG-3600 Audio fiber transport, a party-line can be extended over fiber.

  • Portable, Rackmount, and openGear versions
  • Rack-Mountable
  • Ideal for interface to Fiber Transport
  • Auto Null
  • Supplies party-line power up to 6 Belt Packs
  • RTS and ClearCom compatible
  • Ideal for Belt Pack Fiber extension or matrix
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