Synchronization & Delay

SPG-8260 – Sync Pulse Generator

The SPG-8260 sync pulse generator provides 4 pairs of outputs with each pair independently programmed to be either tri-level sync or a composite signal. Each pair of outputs can be independently delayed relative to the incoming reference. The delay is in increments of the output’s interface sampling frequency (74.25MHz, 74.25/1.001MHz or 27MHz) up to 1 frame of video.

Tri-level sync output format is selectable from the following formats: 1080i 60, 1080i 50,1080i 59.94, 1080p 23.98/24/25, 1080sF 23.98/24/25, 720p 50, and 720p 59.94.

The SPG-8260 can lock to one of the two frame references, the card local reference input, or free-run using the SPG-8260 internal oscillator. If the selected reference is lost, the SPG-8260 switches to its internal oscillator, without disturbing the outputs; when the selected reference returns, the SPG-8260 locks back to the input reference.

The SPG-8260 will generate AES reference or a Word Clock output as well as AES tone for AES outputs.

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