Switching & Routing

RCM -8120 – Remote Control Modules

The RCM family of remote control modules provide easy control over the openGear® family of switches in a space saving design.

2 or 4 button models are available for control of the DSS-8224 and the AVS-8624 switches using a discrete logic control connect to the cards using standard BNC video cable. GPI/O is also available for interfacing with many other standard GPI/O controlled devices.

A 2 position hard switch is available for selecting between multiple RCM modules connected to the same control bus, and all modules fit into a convienient 1RU, 19″ rack panel.

Remote Control Module (4 Buttons) (Controls DSS-8224 and AVS-8764, Configurable for 4×1 or Dual 2×1 operation)

Remote Control Module (2 Buttons) (Controls DSS-8224 and AVS-8764)

Dual Remote Control Selector (Two interlocked contact closure switches used for simple GPI control, or as a delegation switch between two RCM-8120 or RCM-8120-1)

Mounting Rack Panel (Holds RCM-8120 & RCM-8120-1) (1RU Control Panel, holds up to 5 RCM-8120 or RCM-8120-1 Control Modules)

Blank Panel (Cover Plate) (Blank cover plate for MRP-8120, covers control positions)

In-Desk Mounting Adapter (A rectangular plate for mounting RCM-8120, RCM-8120-1 or RCS-8120 in a desk)

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