CWDM – Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing

Up to 16 channels of bit rate independent signals transmitted on a single fiber using wavelength division multiplexing.

Three sets of MUX / DEMUX modules are available: a 4 channel with expansion port, an 8 channel, and an 8 channel with expansion port. Using individual or a combination of modules allows for the creation of 4, 8, 12, or 16 channel systems. Modules with expansion ports enable the use of existing non-CWDM 1310nm lasers to create 5, 9 and 13 channel systems.

Wavelength MUX / DEMUX modules use passive wavelength filters. The modules fit the DFR-8321 frame, but draw no power. With no active components, modules offer a very high level of reliability.

CWDM Transmitters and Receivers
Wave division multiplexing allows the use of multiple wavelengths of light on a single fiber, therefore allowing a single fiber to carry multiple signals.

Each signal can run at its own bit rate and protocol, independent for the other signals. Each electrical signal to be multiplexed into the final output must be converted to an optical signal with a unique wavelength by using different lasers on the transmitter. The FDT-6604 dual electrical to optical transmitter comes in 8 product variants, utilizing DFB optical SFPs, with each card transmitting two neighboring wavelengths. The products are identified by a two digit suffix, which identifies the lower wavelength.

Optical to electrical converters use a wide spectrum optical receiver, and will work with any wavelength. Both the FSR-6601 single and the FDR-6603 dual optical to electrical converters are wide spectrum receivers and will function within a CWDM system, regardless of the transmitted wavelengths.

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