12G Quad-Channel Fiber Transmiter/Receiver

Product by: Ross Video Limited

The SFC-6901 provides cost-effective fiber transport for SDI up to 12G and ASI. In a single, highly flexible and configurable card, it provides the complete functionality needed to set up fiber links satisfying the needs of many scenarios.

The benefits of fiber optics for video transport include longer attainable distances, smaller/lighter cabling, reduced cable tray loads and electrical isolation.

One card, multiple applications
Get fiber connectivity for any scenario with the SFC-6901. Fiber transmit or receive directionality is defined by the installed SFPs. Provision the two SFP slots as needed to satisfy transmit, receive and optical regeneration applications. Any combination of transmit, receive or bi-directional SFPs may be used on the same card, making countless versatile combinations possible. Choose from a wide range of SFP options including 1310nm for short-haul and CWDM for multiplexing. Standard and high-sensitivity receivers meet short and extended link budget requirements. An internal crosspoint connects the bi-directional HDBNC and optical ports allowing flexible port configurations including inputs, outputs, loop-outs and distribution.

Efficient use of fiber and added reliability
Get more from your fiber infrastructure with cost-saving multiplexing. The availability of 16 wavelengths for CWDM multiplexing and the ability to use the onboard gearbox to combine up to 4 synchronous/homogenous HD/3G signals over a single fiber/wavelength means you can conserve strands in fiber-limited environments and reduce costs when using leased fibers. Get peace of mind for critical signal continuity with the ability to configure SFP receiver ports for optical failover and SFP transmit ports for dual fiber paths. Additionally, the SHC-6901 is based on the rock-solid openGear platform which offers redundant power supplies and hot-swappable, front-loading cards with a 5-year warranty. With Dashboard, centralized configuration and monitoring and alarming of critical parameters such as signal presence and optical power levels are handled with ease. 
Future-proof features and 12G support
The ability to swap SFP’s means you can always adapt to new fiber availability and link budget challenges. With 12G support and an internal gearbox, the SFC-6901 is always ahead of the curve and ready for a transition to UHD whether requirements dictate single-link, quad-link or both formats of 12G/UHD. The flexible optical/electrical port mapping and gearboxing can be reconfigured at any time to adapt to changing needs. With a total of four-onboard 12G fiber conversion paths, each SFC-6901 is also able to support transport of quad-link 8K SDI signals, with the ability to combine up to four such signals on a single fiber when CWDM is used.
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