3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Multiviewer with Advanced On-Screen Graphics

Model: OG-5510-5S

Product by: MultiDyne

The OG-5510-5S 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Multiviewer integrates five discrete 3G/HD/SD-SDI or CVBS inputs onto a single 3G/HD/SD-SDI quint-split output, with each image being flexibly inserted into the output image area.

The OG-5510-5S offers unprecedented flexibility and unprecedented ease of use. Fully-flexible layouts using one-button template presets or fully customizable layouts using easy to use sizing/positioning custom controls. Custom layouts can be saved to user presets. Any template layout or custom layout changes can be done “on-the-fly” in real-time, without tedious setup compiler or layout programs like many other split/multiviewer products.

Multiple OG-5510-5S cards can be cascaded to provide splits greater than the base quint-split. The OG-5510-5S PIP5 input can be used in a cascaded chain of OG-5510-5S cards that provides multiviewer layouts of up to 8x8 (64:1). The QuickSet grid definer precisely and easily sets up a multiviewer grid where columns and rows of each of the cards PIPs are arranged to work together in a cascaded aggregate arrangement. Low-latency processing allows multiple OG-5510-5S cards to be cascaded without significant accumulated delays within the chain.

Advanced graphics such as user identify text, PiP input video format, audio meter bars, tally/UMD, reticules, and timecode can be burned into any PiP with full user attributes control. CEA 608 Ch1 text strings can serve as user text overlays, allowing direct closed captioning presence/quality compliance checks for up to 5 simultaneous video streams per card.

A master output up-down-cross convert scaler provides scale-to HD or 3G SDI formats for the combined multiviewer output, which also includes an HDMI output (with audio embedding) to directly feed a wall monitor. The openGear® card-based form factor of the OG-5510-5S provides scalable, easily integrated multi-image functions for the 20-slot frame form factor with easy to use DashBoard™ remote control. Each PiP input is provided its own independent timing alignment controls with a lock to reference, allowing asynchronous inputs to be directly accommodated. Full user DashBoard™ allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network. Tally can be communicated by GPI, Ethernet, or serial interfaces.


  • Remote control monitoring & mosaic layout via DashBoardTM software
  • Five Auto-Detect 3G/HD/SD-SDI/Composite Analog Inputs
  • 3G-SDI & HDMI Outputs
  • Dynamic Tallies & UMDs
  • 16 Channel Audio Meters Per Pip
  • User Text and Graticule Generators
  • Embedded Audio Router
  • Low-Latency cascading design


  • Fly-Packs
  • Mobile Trucks
  • ENG / Production
  • Remote Backhaul Monitoring
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