75-Ohm (Unbalanced) AES Distribution Amplifier with Remote Gain Control

Product by: Cobalt Digital

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The 9913DA-AES75-RG 75-Ohm (Unbalanced) AES Distribution Amplifier with Remote Gain Control is a broadcast-quality AES distribution amplifier that provides up to eight copies of the input AES-3id signal. A transformer-coupled input helps prevent ground loop and other grounding-related problems.

The 9913DA-AES75-RG supports audio sampling frequencies from 32kHz to 96kHz. Cable equalization and reclocking techniques enable the 9913DA-AES75-RG to recover the incoming digital audio signal reliably. The 9913DA-AES75-RG also includes built-in loudness measurement, with ITU1770 LKFS loudness measurement displayed in DashBoard.

A built-in DSP allows mono-mix and L/R-only outputs (these functions can be locked out for Dolby® signal processing). The DSP attenuation function allows overall gain (stereo ganged) trim (offset) via DashBoard™ remote control.

The space-saving design and very low power consumption of the 9913DA-AES75-RG provides for high density, allowing two cards to be collocated in adjacent slots and served by a single, standard-width “split” rear module.


  • Full remote control of operating mode and gain control

  • Multiple DSP modes – stereo/pass-thru, mono mix, L/R only outputs

  • Transformer-coupled input prevents ground loop issues and other ground-related problems

  • Convenient DSP gain trim via DIP or remote control (gain disable for Dolby/non-PCM usage)

  • DashBoard LKFS loudness display (10-second averaging)

  • Selectable card switch control or DashBoard™ remote control (usable with DashBoard™ and Cobalt OGCP-9000 remote control panels)

  • Five year warranty


< 2.2 Watts

AES Input
Number of Inputs: (1), unbalanced AES-3id (transformer-coupled)
Impedance: 75 Ω
Maximum Input Level: +27.5 dBu

Sampling Rates: 32 kHz to 96 kHz
Signal Level: 0.2 – 7 Vp-p
Resolution: 24-bit
Output Jitter: < 5 ns

AES Output
Number of Outputs: (8) max, unbalanced AES-3id (available as stereo, pass-thru, mono-mixed, or L/R only)
Impedance: 75 Ω
Return Loss: -25 dB

Ordering Information

9913DA-AES75-RG  75-Ohm (Unbalanced) AES Distribution Amplifier with Remote Gain Control

Rear Modules:

RM20-9913DA75-A  20-Slot Frame Rear I/O Module (Standard Width) (1) AES Audio In BNC, (8) AES Audio Out BNCs

RM20-9913DA75-A/S  20-Slot Frame Rear I/O Module (Split; supports 2 cards) (1) AES Audio In BNC, (4) AES Audio Out BNCs (connections are per card)

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