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openGear is an open-architecture, modular frame system designed by Ross Video and supported by a diverse range of terminal equipment manufacturers. The platform offers the freedom to choose technology from a wide range of products to meet the needs of a broadcast, production, or distribution facility while maintaining a compatible openGear frame infrastructure.

openGear Wins an Emmy®!

Ross Video is proud to be recognized as one of the select few to be honored with the 67th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for openGear. Ross joins a distinguished group of honorees chosen each year by dozens of industry experts and peers, by showing excellence in engineering creativity. Read more...

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Dec 5

9220 IP Gateway

The 9220 Media Gateway is a high performance real-time MPEG video processing solution that supports DVB Transport Stream encapsulation to and from IP networks. Based on the openGear® architecture, the 9220 has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of Contribution and Distribution, IPTV, and studio applications. It allows multiple MPEG transport streams to be transported over IP networks.
The 9220 is fully bi-directional in both the DVB-ASI and IP network domains and can be software licensed to enable a greater number of Transport Stream outputs.
There are 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 6 ASI Inputs/Outputs.
The Media Gateway product includes advanced redundancy and automatic protection features. It is capable of automatically switching to a backup feed if the primary feed goes away. State of the art processing enables new system architectures to be created and allowing content to be freely distributed over IP networks.
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Mar 23

9223 SD/HD/3G H.264 Encoder

The 9223 encoder is a high performance real time MPEG-4 SD/HD/3G dual channel video encoding solution that is future proofed by design. Based on the openGear® architecture the 9223 has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the IPTV, professional broadcast, enterprise video delivery, and streaming video markets.

The 9223 is a feature rich, high performance video encoder that delivers up to twenty individual HD/SD channels in a completely hot-swappable, stackable, and fault tolerant chassis. Operators can take advantage to deliver multiple High Definition and Standard Definition video services simultaneously with Cobalt Digital’s unique video encoding design.

Cobalt Digital’s broadcast encoder is equipped with the latest advances in video compression technology to deliver unsurpassed video quality at ultra low bitrates. State of the art video processing enables new open system architectures to be created. Simultaneous support of DVB-ASI, broadcast video over IP (UDP and RTP including SMPTE 2022 FEC), Adobe Flash (RTMP) and Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) allows content to be freely distributed over any video network.

The 9223 supports both composite and SDI video feeds (with support for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI), and both analog and SDI embedded audio feeds. It includes support for both Closed Captions and AFD, received from either VBI or VANC. For outputs, the encoder includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual ASI ports.

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Mar 6

9990-TRX-MPEG Broadcast Transcoder

The 9990-TRX-MPEG broadcast transcoder represents a new option for system architects and for applications where a high-density/low cost product is not needed. It also has interfaces for both IP (Gigabit Ethernet) and DVB-ASI giving it tremendous flexibility.

Key Features:

  • ASI and IP Inputs and Outputs.
  • MPEG-2 and H.264 codec support.
  • RTMP, Transport Stream(UDP and RTP) and HLS protocols.
  • Base model offers two input streams(channels) and up to two output streams.
  • Optional license offers up to four input streams(channels) and up to four output streams.

ImmediaTV, now a division of Cobalt Digital, develops cost effective, high performance digital video processing solutions for the professional broadcast, studio, IPTV, Contribution and Distribution markets. Based on the high availability openGear® platform, ImmediaTV’s products are built to address the open architecture needs demanded by today’s new media markets. Visit our web site at or contact us at

Jun 18

9970-QS Multi-Image Expandable Display Processor with Advanced On-Screen Graphics


The all-new, multi-award winning Cobalt® 9970-QS 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Quint-Split Multi-Image Expandable Display Processor integrates five discrete 3G/HD/SD-SDI or CVBS inputs onto a single 3G/HD/SD-SDI quint-split output, with each input image being flexibly inserted into the output image area.

While the 9970-QS offers unprecedented flexibility, it also offers an unprecedented ease of use. Fully-flexible layouts using any of several one-button template presets or fully customizable layouts using easy to use sizing/positioning custom controls. Custom layouts can be saved to user presets. Any template layout or custom layout changes can be done “on-the-fly” in real time, without tedious setup compiler or layout programs like many other split/multiviewer products.

Multiple 9970-QS cards can be cascaded to provide splits greater than the base quint-split. The 9970-QS PIP5 input can be used in a cascaded chain of 9970-QS cards that provides multiviewer layouts of up to 8×8 (64:1). The QuickSet grid definer precisely and easily sets up a multiviewer grid where columns and rows of each of the cards PIPs are arranged to work together in a cascaded aggregate arrangement. Low-latency processing allows multiple 9970-QS cards to be cascaded without significant accumulated delays within the chain.

Advanced graphics such as user identify text, PiP input video format, audio meter bars, tally/UMD, reticules, and timecode can be burned into any PiP with full user attributes control. CEA 608 Ch1 text strings can serve as user text overlays, allowing direct closed captioning presence/quality compliance checks for up to 5 simultaneous video streams per card. User-configurable Quality Check allows subjective criteria such as black/frozen frame or audio silence events to propagate an on-screen alarm/alert to the output image (such as alert text burn-in or border alert highlighting).

A master output up-down-cross convert scaler provides scale-to HD or 3G SDI formats for the combined multiviewer output, which also includes an HDMI output (with audio embedding) to directly feed a wall monitor.

The openGear® card-based form factor of the 9970-QS provides scalable, easily integrated multi-image functions for the 20-slot frame form factor with easy to use DashBoard™ remote control. Each PiP input is provided its own independent timing alignment controls with lock to reference, allowing asynchronous inputs to be directly accommodated.

Full user DashBoard™ or Remote Control Panel remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network. Tally can be communicated by GPI, Ethernet, or serial interfaces.

  • Scalable PiP solution. Single card provides up to 5:1 split, with up to ten 5:1 splits per frame
  • Allows easy, real-time “on the fly” custom layout changes without needing setup compiler or layout programs
  • Easy to configure PiP sizing and borders. Advanced graphics include audio meters, character burn, and reticules. PiP sizing/splits using one-button templates or easy-to-use, intuitive DashBoard controls. Custom settings can be saved to user presets.
  • Closed captioning overlays provide direct closed captioning presence/quality compliance checks for up to 5 simultaneous video streams per card
  • Fully flexible input compatibility – mixed formats on inputs can be automatically sized and outputted in a combined output scaled to desired broadcast SD/HD/3G output format. Each input automatically detects and sets up for SDI or CVBS input. Supports asynchronous inputs using per-PiP ref lock. Per-PiP independent ARC settings and controls.
  • openGear® card-based form factor provides easy and economical integration
  • Wall-clock time burn-in on merged output or within PIPs. NTP sync via IP connection with timezone localization.
  • Cascading Mode and QuickSet grid definer offers easy to set up scalable multiviewer functions (up to 64:1) using multiple cascaded (daisy-chained) 9970-QS cards. Two cards can provide an 8:1 multiviewer, with up to 16 cards providing a 64:1 multiviewer.
  • Low-power/high-density design – less than 18 Watts per card
  • Per-PIP audio meter, tally, user text, and timecode overlays. UMD text can be local user-entered or imported via router integration.
  • GPI, Ethernet, and serial tally inputs provide dual, per-PiP tally indicators
  • User quality criteria (such as frozen/black frame) alert/alarms can be propagated to output image with alarm text and border highlighting
  • Audio routing directs selected PiP audio to combined-stream outputs. Audio downmixing also provided.
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI 2x DA and HDMI with audio embed outputs
  • DashBoard™ remote control status monitoring and setup/control
  • Five year warranty

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Jul 9

9960-TG2-REF1 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual Test Signal Generator with Bouncing Box Active Signal Indication, Bi / Tri-Level Sync Out, and Embedded ANC Data Signal Generator

The all-new Cobalt® 9960-TG2-REF1 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual Test Signal Generator with Bouncing Box Active Signal Indication, Bi-Level Sync Out, and Embedded ANC Data Signal Generator offers an easy to use, economical solution to providing comprehensive test signal packages to ensure validity of downstream baseband SDI systems. The 9960-TG2-REF1 is an unprecedented first in the high-density openGear® based card form factor. Two independent generator blocks can be set to offer dual test packages which can be simultaneously outputted or selectively fed to a single downstream path via a 2×4 output crosspoint.

  • Comprehensive test signal generation for SDI/analog video and baseband discrete audio in an easily integrated openGear® card
  • Easy to use, intuitive, flexible, and far more economical than typical bench equipment
  • Fully-independent dual generator blocks offer simultaneous output of user-configured test packages, or instant user selection between generators via output crosspoint
  • Full array of test stimulus for SDI, including CEA608/708, packetized and waveform timecode, SCTE 104, and AFD
  • Moving-box/motion insertion enable serves as an easy to use dynamic raster confidence check
  • SDI import allows insertion of user static raster/patterns as an alternative addition to standard test pattern outputs
  • DID/SDID authoring allows custom payloads to be written to specific DID/SDID locations as test packets for downstream systems
  • Stress-Test generators provide illegal character,TRS, line length and other error cases that help flush out surprises in downstream error handling tolerance and robustness
  • Full suite of output interfaces – SDI, CVBS, AES and analog audio
  • Convenience RS-485 LTC output works with legacy systems and checks bi-phase LTC/SMPTE 12M correlation in mixed systems
  • Low-power/high-density design – less than 18 Watts per card
  • Remote control/monitoring via Dashboard™ software or OGCP-9000 remote control panels
  • Five year warranty

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Dec 1


Cobalt Digital’s 9990-DEC-MPEG is the most flexible Receiver/Decoder in the Industry. It supports both ASI and IP network inputs and outputs. Decoder outputs include; SDI, HDMI and composite. IP protocol support includes; UDP, RTP, RTMP (Adobe Flash), HLS (Apple) and RTSP.


Applications include:

  • ENG – MPEG-2 and H.264
  • Traffic Camera reception (RTSP, RTP)
  • Monitoring
  • Video transport over IP links or the Internet

Optional Licenses:

  • IP Output
  • Genlock
  • Dolby decode/down-mixing
  • SMPTE 2022 Forward Error Correction

The data sheet can be found by clicking here.

Dec 2

9990-ENC-H264-IP Streaming Encoder

ImmediaTV’s (Now division of Cobalt Digital9990-ENC-H264-IP streaming encoder can address a wide variety of IP streaming applications. This H.264 encoder supports all of the common IP protocols; UDP, RTMP (Adobe Flash) and HLS (Apple). It can be a single or dual channel encoder. The dual channel version also supports multiplexing. Inputs are SDI and Composite with dual ethernet outputs. Closed captioning is supported for all protocols. The “burst-free” output ensures high reliability over IP networks.


Applications include:

  • Streaming to CDNs such as: Akamai, Ustream, YouTube Live, Tulix and many others
  • Streaming to media servers: Wowza and Adobe Media Server
  • Point to point IP transmission with our MVN RX100 decoder
  • IPTV streaming to IP Set Top Boxes and PC players such as VLC

The data sheet can be found by clicking here.


Jul 18

9223 Dual-Channel 3G/HD/SD MPEG-4 Encoder

The 9223 Dual-Channel 3G/HD/SD MPEG-4 Encoder provides a card-based solution for distribution of MPEG-4 encoding. Utilizing the openGear® open-architecture platform, the 9223 offers scalable incorporation and the easy-to-use DashBoard™ setup and control operator interface. Up to 10 of the 9223 cards can be installed in a 20-slot frame, offering distribution delivery of up to 20 individual or simulcast channels in a single frame, using less than 150W total, for reduced operating expenses.  In addition to SD/HD-SDI inputs, the 9223 provides the flexibility of supporting SD analog composite video and an analog audio stereo pair per input channel (using MPEG-1 Layer II audio encoding as standard).

The 9223 offers the latest advances in video compression that delivers excellent video quality at very low bit rates. Unique encoding designs allow delivery of multiple HD and SD video services simultaneously. In addition to two ASI outputs, the 9223 provides two Ethernet outputs, supporting full-duplex 100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s operation. Input video auto-detect mode allows encoding to automatically configure an output that correspond to the input, with resolution and frame rate same as input, and scaling set to same as input or other applicable choices.

When using the Ethernet output, the 9223 supports the traditional UDP/RTP/SPMTE 2022 FEC protocols, as well as the HTTP Live Streaming protocol for transmitting live video over the Internet.  Using HTTP Live Streaming, the 9223 can transmit broadcast-quality video to mobile phones (Apple and Android 4.0 supported), tablets, and a variety of consumer set-top boxes (such as the Amino A140 and the Roku Player).

Full user remote monitor/control allows full card status and control access across a standard Ethernet network.  Status monitoring is also available at card edge.

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Jul 20

9415DA-SFP 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Reconfigurable Video SFP Transceiver/Distribution Amplifier with Full-Flexibility Crosspoint and Externally-Accessible SFP Module

The all-new Cobalt® 9415DA-SFP 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Reconfigurable Video SFP Transceiver/Distribution Amplifier with Full-Flexibility Crosspoint and Externally-Accessible SFP Module provides a card-based solution for high-density conversions between coax SDI/ASI, fiber, HDMI, and MADI. With an externally-accessible SFP cage on the card rear module, SFP modules can be easily hot-swapped for maintenance or card repurposing. Because all connections are direct to the card rear module and external SFPs, all cabling remains undisturbed for card removal/installation.

A crosspoint (which is user-configurable via DashBoard™ remote control) allows the card to apply any of the card inputs to various coax DA outputs as well as up to 2 Rx and Tx paths through the external SFP. Up to 10 coaxial DA outputs are available per each card. Using a high-density split rear module, up to 20 cards can be installed in a frame, providing 40 channels of conversion.

The card accepts non-MSA video SFP modules, with single and dual-channel Tx and Rx modules available, supporting an extensive range of electrical/coax and fiber conversions. Excellent receive performance allows coaxial receive EQ for up to 110m 3G, 180m HD, and 360m SD cable length (1694A). Full user DashBoard™ or Remote Control Panel remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network.

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Jul 22

8900-Series 12G / 3G / HD / SD / ASI / MADI Distribution Amplifiers

The 8900 Series are Ross Video’s Premium level, highly versatile single and dual channel video distribution amplifiers. These amplifiers have been designed to aid customers in the build out of signal chains that are supporting the emerging 4K workflow. The DA’s are capable of supporting SDI data rates from 270Mb/s up to 12Gb/s. In addition, they can also support DVB-ASI, as well as MADI signals, making it easy to use in a variety of applications. The 8900 series use the latest technology and connectors to achieve the industry’s best EQ performance offering cable lengths up to 200m at HD while still meeting critical return loss specifications up to 12G. Equalization and reclocking is performed on all common serial digital signals.

The multiple different back panel choices mean they can be used in applications from 1×4 up to 1×16, with combinations in between. Up to 20 DA’s can be housed in a single 2RU frame. The Dual input variant can be configured to be two independent DA’s, or can be configured in Auto Failover Mode so that the card can be given a primary and a backup input in case of a failure. Flexible output configuration makes it so that the user has the ability to change the number of outputs that are assigned to a specific input.

Each channel is fully independent, and can run at different data rates. Via Dashboard control and monitoring software, as well as LED indicators at the front of the module identity the presence of incoming video, and the data rate for each independent channel.

For more details visit the product page.