Wow! Celebrating 15 years of openGear! What’s next?

openGear celebrates 15 years
Has it already been 15 years since the openGear platform launched? Check out a timeline of openGear’s history »

Back in 2006, when Ross Video asked several manufacturers to make modular frames that would fit other companies’ cards, the answer was no. The manufacturers’ business models meant locking customers into their own solutions, not sharing them with other technology businesses.

But Ross didn’t see it that way, so they partnered with like-minded companies to design the world’s first versatile frame and control system that put customers first. 15 years later, openGear has earned 4 industry awards (including the coveted Emmy® award!), built relationships with 130 partners globally that have designed 250 cards, and shipped 40,000 frames to happy customers.

Where is openGear headed next? With our amazing partners and customers, the sky’s the limit. From controlling video screens to synchronizing light and water displays, you can do (almost) anything with openGear. See the latest advanced projects from openGear partners »

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