Synchronization & Delay

SFS-8221 – HD / SD SDI Frame Synchronizer

The SFS-8221 is a HD / SD SDI SDI frame synchronizer designed for re-timing applications in both standard and high-definition environments.

The SFS-8221 supports all popular standard and high-definition video formats including 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i. The format of incoming video is automatically detected, simplifying system setup.

The SFS-8221 accepts an SDI signal of either standard-definition (270Mb/s) or high-definition (1.485Gb/s), automatically equalizing for cable loss and providing a reclocked SDI output. The video is then synchronized to either a frame-wide reference or a local reference. A delay mode is also available for adding fixed delay to the incoming video.

openGear® frames support a distributed frame reference, allowing a single incoming reference sync signal to feed timing information to all modules in a frame. Thus, a single composite or tri-level sync signal can be used for multiple frame synchronizers. Alternatively, each frame synchronizer accepts an additional local reference signal to provide additional system timing flexibility.

Ancillary data (VANC) is protected, and is passed from input to output, ensuring data is not lost during the frame sync operation. Video proc amp and full timing controls are provided.

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