DashBoard Enabled

IRT-6170-AAS: Dual 4×1 / Single 7×1 Analogue Stereo / Digital Audio Relay Switcher

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The IRT-6170-AAS is a relay switcher for analogue or digital audio applications.


  • Dual 4 x 1 or single 7 x 1 relay switch.
  • Stereo or Balanced Inputs & Outputs.
  • Latching Relays.
  • Optional Remote Control.
  • DashBoard software monitoring and control.

IRT-6170-AAS Block Diagram

The IRT-6170-AAS analogue stereo / digital audio switcher is part of a family of IRT openGear® switchers that may be linked and configured by the user to cover a wide range of switching and monitoring functions.

On board links allow the switcher to be configured for either dual 4×1 or single 7×1 operation.

The switcher may be slaved to operate in conjunction with similar switchers for analogue and digital video and audio signals.

This makes the switchers ideally suited to situations where a mixture of analogue and digital signals are present.

Optionally remote control is via a momentary wire per crosspoint (WPX) control connector allowing interface to the IRT RC1 remote control panel or a telemetry system, or alternatively via an RS232 remote.

The IRT-6170-AAS is designed to fit the openGear® standard 2RU frames which allow a mixture of cards from various manufacturers to be mounted within the same frame.

The DashBoard™ control software is available as a free download.

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IRT Communications IRT specialises in the design, development and manufacture of Digital and Analogue Video / Audio Broadcast and communications products including MPEG, ASI, DVB, AES/EBU, G.703, Distribution Amplifiers (DAs), HDTV and Fibre (Fiber) Optic devices used in telecommunication (ITU) and broadcast centres. Visit irtcommunications.com…