Switching & Routing

DSS-8224 – Dual 2×1 or 4×2 HD / SD SDI Switch

The DSS-8224 can be configured as a pair of independent 2×1 switches or as a pair of 4×1 switches with common inputs. The DSS-8224 accepts common serial digital signals at 143, 270, 360, 540Mb/s and 1.485Gb/s. All switches are performed in the vertical interval, timed to an external reference. Each switch can be controlled locally at the card-edge, by an optional RCM-8120 control module, or by GPI. DashBoard and optionally SNMP monitoring is provided for input presence, reference present and output status.

The DSS-8224 can be combined, on a common control system, with the AVS-8764 to perform multi-level, analog video, AES audio, and HD / SD SDI switching.

The DSS-8224 can be configured in auto-changeover mode. In this mode, the secondary input is selected when the primary is lost or lock cannot be achieved.


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