Ross Video Hosts Online DashBoard Camp Dec 2-4, 2020

DashBoard Camp 2020
Ross Video is hosting DashBoard Camp 2020 Dec 2-4, 2020. Registrations close November 3! Register now »

At DashBoard Camp, you’ll work with 5-7 other DashBoard developers to create a DashBoard CustomPanel that you’ll use to create a short industry-specific production using the latest Ross gear. You’ll be assigned to a cabin in your geographical region and participate in a series of online sessions that will be led by a DashBoard expert and will include a series of tips and tricks from the various Ross product teams.

Our Team
The Director of DashBoard Camp is Ben Gatien, Senior Software Developer – DashBoard.

Cabin Leaders will be composed of Ross Video Employees with deep DashBoard knowledge and experience.

Guest speakers will include Ross Video’s CEO, CTO and a variety of Product Managers.

A Typical Day at DashBoard Camp
9 am – Round Up: all campers meet to discuss their progress and raise any questions/concerns/blockers to the Camp Counsellor

9:15 – Break Out: Campers break out into their cabins to review their plans for the day

10:00 – New Skill #1: Campers watch a video that highlights a new skill/technique for use in their production

10:15 – Work Period: Campers work together or alone to create their production

11:00 – New Skill #2

11:15 – Work Period

12:00 – 1pm: Lunch

1:00 – New Skill #3

1:15 – Work Period

2:30 – Snacktime: Campers gather for an informal chat

3:00 – New Skill #4

3:15 – Work Period

4:00 – Reflection: How did the day go? What are we going to do tomorrow?

6-8pm – Evening Program: depending on the interests of the cabins, we’ll be arranging online social activities

To create your production, you’ll be given access to the latest Ross equipment, including:

  • Cameras and Robots
  • Switchers
  • Graphics Engines
  • Gear Cards

Learning Outcomes
After DashBoard camp, you’ll:

  • Have a deeper understanding of DashBoard
  • Have made some new friends
  • Understand how DashBoard communicates with devices
  • Be able to use DashBoard components to create CustomPanels
  • Be familiar with the resources that are available to DashBoard developers
  • Be prepared to offer basic CustomPanel services as part of their business

All attendees are expected to have a working knowledge of DashBoard, experience building CustomPanels Prior to attending the training, we’re asking all attendees to download the latest version of DashBoard.

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