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MultiDyne OG-5510-5S 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Multiviewer with Advanced On-Screen Graphics

The OG-5510-5S 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Multiviewer integrates five discrete 3G/HD/SD-SDI or CVBS inputs onto a single 3G/HD/SD-SDI quint-split output, with each image being flexibly inserted into the output image area.

While the OG-5510-5S offers unprecedented flexibility, it also offers an unprecedented ease of use. Fully-flexible layouts using one-button template presets or fully customizable layouts using easy to use sizing/positioning custom controls. Custom layouts can be saved to user presets. Any template layout or custom layout changes can be done “on-the-fly” in real time, without tedious setup compiler or layout programs like many other split/multiviewer products.

Multiple OG-5510-5S cards can be cascaded to provide splits greater than the base quint-split. The OG-5510-5S PIP5 input can be used in a cascaded chain of OG-5510-5S cards that provides multiviewer layouts of up to 8×8 (64:1). The QuickSet grid definer precisely and easily sets up a multiviewer grid where columns and rows of each of the cards PIPs are arranged to work together in a cascaded aggregate arrangement. Low-latency processing allows multiple OG-5510-5S cards to be cascaded without significant accumulated delays within the chain.

Advanced graphics such as user identify text, PiP input video format, audio meter bars, tally/UMD, reticules, and timecode can be burned into any PiP with full user attributes control. CEA 608 Ch1 text strings can serve as user text overlays, allowing direct closed captioning presence/quality compliance checks for up to 5 simultaneous video streams per card. User-configurable Quality Check allows subjective criteria such as black/frozen frame or audio silence events to propagate an on-screen alarm/alert to the output image (such as alert text burn-in or border alert highlighting).

A master output up-down-cross convert scaler provides scale-to HD or 3G SDI formats for the combined multiviewer output, which also includes an HDMI output (with audio embedding) to directly feed a wall monitor. The openGear® card-based form factor of the OG-5510-5S provides scalable, easily integrated multi-image functions for the 20-slot frame form factor with easy to use DashBoard™ remote control. Each PiP input is provided its own independent timing alignment controls with lock to reference, allowing asynchronous inputs to be directly accommodated. Full user DashBoard™ allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network. Tally can be communicated by GPI, Ethernet, or serial interfaces.

  • Scalable openGear® PiP solution. Card-based form factor provides high density, space-saving economical integration.
  • Easy, real-time “on the fly” custom layout changes without needing setup compiler or layout programs
  • Easy to configure PiP sizing and borders. Advanced graphics include audio meters, character burn, and reticules. PiP sizing/splits using one-button templates or easy-to-use, intuitive DashBoard controls. Custom settings can be saved to user presets.
  • GPI, Ethernet, and serial tally inputs provide dual, per-PiP tally indicators
  • Closed captioning overlays provide direct closed captioning presence/quality compliance checks for up to 5 simultaneous video streams per card
  • Cascading Mode and QuickSet grid definer offers easy to set up scalable multiviewer functions (up to 64:1) using multiple cascaded (daisy-chained) OG-5510-5S cards. Two cards can provide an 8:1 multiviewer, with up to 16 cards providing a 64:1 multiviewer. Single card provides up to 5:1 split, with up to ten 5:1 splits per frame.
  • Cascade Config provides access to PiP controls for all PiPs from one card. Controls for all PiPs appear universally on each card in the chain. PiP numbers are correlated to your actual PiPs instead of fixed card-based port definers. Cascade Config consolidated control can span card chains within a frame or across multiple frames.
  • DashBoard Output Preview function provides display of regularly-sampled screen captures in the card DashBoard page. Provides remote-access program video content/ presence and multiviewer layout confidence monitoring via the card’s DashBoard display without needing collocation with the card or its input or output video signals.
  • Audio routing directs selected PiP audio to combined-stream outputs. Audio downmixing also provided.
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI 2x DA and HDMI with audio embed outputs
  • Wall-clock time burn-in on merged output or within PIPs. NTP sync via IP connection with timezone localization.
  • Per-PIP audio meter, tally, user text, and timecode overlays
  • Fully flexible input compatibility – mixed formats on inputs can be automatically sized and outputted in a combined output scaled to desired broadcast SD/HD/3G output format. Each input automatically detects and sets up for SDI or CVBS input. Supports asynchronous inputs using per-PiP ref lock. Per-PiP independent ARC settings and controls.
  • User quality criteria (such as frozen/black frame) alert/alarms can be propagated to output image with alarm text and border highlighting
  • Low-power/high-density design – less than 18 Watts per card
  • DashBoard™ remote control status monitoring and setup/control

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