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9220 IP Gateway

The 9220 Media Gateway is a high performance real-time MPEG video processing solution that supports DVB Transport Stream encapsulation to and from IP networks. Based on the openGear® architecture, the 9220 has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of Contribution and Distribution, IPTV, and studio applications. It allows multiple MPEG transport streams to be transported over IP networks.
The 9220 is fully bi-directional in both the DVB-ASI and IP network domains and can be software licensed to enable a greater number of Transport Stream outputs.
There are 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 6 ASI Inputs/Outputs.
The Media Gateway product includes advanced redundancy and automatic protection features. It is capable of automatically switching to a backup feed if the primary feed goes away. State of the art processing enables new system architectures to be created and allowing content to be freely distributed over IP networks.
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ImmediaTV ImmediaTV, now a division of Cobalt Digital, develops cost effective, high performance digital video processing solutions for the professional broadcast, studio, IPTV, Contribution and Distribution markets. Based on the high availability openGear® platform, ImmediaTV’s products are built to address the open architecture needs demanded by today’s new media markets.