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AtlasGear AG-3803 Receiver Decoder Card

Sencore’s AtlasGear is a series of receiver/decoder cards with multiple channel, high-density, multi-format decoding capabilities. The AtlasGear AG-3803 8-VSB/ASI to ASI/Composite Receiver/Decoder Card enables providers to receive ATSC broadcast signals and output those signals via ASI and Composite Video.

The AtlasGear series of receiver decoder cards are used within the openGear® chassis. With AtlasGear and the open architecture of the openGear® system, the multi-format decoding functionality of Sencore’s award winning Modular Receiver Decoder (MRD) can be easily integrated with a wide range of solutions available from multiple companies each specializing in their own technologies.

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Sencore For over 50 years, Sencore has specialized in Video and Audio technologies and is positioned as an industry leader in test and measurement equipment, as well as operational and demonstration products. Our Communications Group provides technology solutions for a wide range of customers such as broadcasters, manufacturers of broadcast hardware, video production engineers, cable operators, and retailers of video and audio products.