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APANTAC: 9×1, 9×2, 16×2 Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI Video Multiviewer Cards: OG-Mi

9×1, 9×2 SDI Video Multiviewer Card with HDMI and SDI Output (dual outputs)
16×2 SDI Video Multiviewer Card with HDMI and SDI Output (dual outputs)

  • Low latency – single frame processing delay
  • Low energy – only uses 15 W of power
  • Requires an openGear frame with Advanced Networking (onboard Ethernet Switch)
  • Accepts 9 auto-detect 3G Leval A&B /HD/SD-SDI inputs
  • Windows can be sized and moved freely
  • 1 SDI output in 1080i/P 50/60Hz with embedded audio
  • Decode up to 16 embedded audio per SDI input
  • Ethernet for configuration and external control
  • Dynamic UMD/labels & Tallies (TSL)
  • Stand alone labels, customizable logos
  • 9 GPIs for tallies, count up/down triggers or preset recall
  • Built-in analog/digital clocks can sync with LTC or NTP
  • Borders can be turned on or off
  • Two sets of safe area markers
  • Visual Alarm tags for video/audio alarm detection
  • 5 year limited warranty

DOWNLOAD Datasheet – OG-Mi-9

DOWNLOAD Datasheet – OG-Mi-9+

DOWNLOAD Datasheet – OG-Mi-9#

DOWNLOAD Datasheet – OG-Mi-16#

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Apantac OG-Mi 9 Multiviewer Card

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apantac Apantac LLC is a leading designer and developer of high quality and cost effective multiviewers, video walls, openGear solutions, and a vast range of signal processing equipment. The Apantac product line has been specifically designed to provide users with flexible and innovative technology solutions for the broadcast and ProAV industries. The Apantac product line includes; Multiviewers, video walls, extension solutions, switches, splitters, matrices, fiber solutions, HDBaseT solutions, and a full line of openGear solutions. These products are sold globally through direct selling channels, a growing network of dealers, system integrators, OEM’s and various other partners. Apantac was founded in 2008 and is a privately held company with its headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, USA.