Audio Conversion

Cobalt Digital 9085 – Loudness Processor with Embedder/De-Embedder

The 9085 features 24-bit audio processing that supports 16 AES input/output channels, 16 de-embedded channels from the SDI input, and eight analog audio inputs. Sixteen re-embedded channels and 16 AES output channels can be sourced from any of the inputs.  Using Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX™ technology, the card applies loudness control on up to six channels of audio from any embedded, AES, or analog inputs.

AEROMAX™ algorithms use a sophisticated multiband approach to loudness processing. These algorithms can apply multifacted loudness correction specifically targeted to various frequency ranges and other characteristics within the program material, resulting in audio free from abrupt loudness or image shifts while preserving more of the original content than previously possible. Because the card processes audio loudness locally and in sync with the video, loudness is processed without the accumulated latency delay found in other loudness processors.

Full user remote and card-edge proc control allows adjustment of audio parametric control and routing. With multiple selectable presets, several loudness processing profiles offer the best loudness processing solution for various types of program material.

9085 Models

  • 9085-LP 5.1 HD/SD-SDI Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX™ 5.1 Channel Loudness Processor with Embedder/De-Embedder
  • 9085-LP 2.0HD/SD-SDI Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX™ 2.0 Dual Channel Loudness Processor with Embedder/De-Embedder
  • 9085-2LP 2.0 HD/SD-SDI Linear Acoustic® AEROMAX™ 2.0 Channel Loudness Processor with Embedder/De-Embedder

9085 Options

  • +DEC Dolby® Digital Decoder
  • +ENCD Dolby® Digital Encoder
  • +ENCE Dolby® E Encoder
  • +AMx Audio Mixer
  • +LM-C Loudness Meter
  • +LTC LTC In/Out


  • Actively and automatically corrects irritating loudness level differences between programs and commercials
  • Delays video to match audio processing delay; introduces no audio-video delay shift
  • Passes all audio channels
  • Flexible configuration: loudness control can be stereo or 5.1
  • Sophisticated multiband processing
  • Set and forget operation with multiple loudness presets
  • Timecode insertion/conversion. +LTC option allows LTC input/output on shared port, with bi-directional conversion between VBI and LTC on RS-485 or any audio I/O.
  • HD/SD universal digital inputs
  • 24-bit embedded audio processing
  • Eight analog audio inputs with 24-bit conversion
  • Audio channel mapping, phase inversion, and level control
  • 16 channels of sample rate conversion
  • Remote control/monitoring via DashBoard™ software or OGCP-9000 control panel
  • Five year warranty

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Product by:

Cobalt Digital Cobalt continually develops award-winning, unique solutions, maximizing capacity and packaging economy such as same-card Dolby® E/Dolby® D transcoding, quad-stream independent Dolby® D encoding, full-feature density (such as single-card scaler/framesync and loudness processing), and HDBNC and DIN 1.0/2.3 high-density connectorization. Quality is evident in both engineering design and advanced manufacturing. Unique engineering advances such as glitch-free audio resync are found in our principle frame sync products and event-based automated card setup. Robust manufacturing uses the latest in component advances and multi-layer PCB technology — all backed by our 5-year warranty.