DashBoard Enabled

5000 – HD/SD Audio-Video Broadcast Delay with Censorship Switch

The Cal Media Engineering 5000 openGear® Card includes the following features:

    • 6.25 seconds of adjustable delay at 1080i-59.94 (7.5 seconds at 1080i-50)
    • 30.5 seconds of adjustable delay in Standard Definition
    • 1 SDI input – Primary video/audio for delay
    • 4 ch AES inputs – Primary audio for delay
    • 1 SDI input – Auxillary video/audio for switch
    • 2 ch AES inputs Auxillary audio for switch
    • 1 SDI output – Delayed video/audio + switch
    • 4ch AES outputs – Delayed audio + switch

Video Processing:

    • Primary and Aux inputs synchronized to selectable genlock reference
    • Passes all VANC ancillary data including Closed Captioning and Time Code
    • Supports 1080i- 60 / 59.94 / 50, 1080PsF- 24 / 23.98, 720p- 60 / 59.94 / 50, 480i – 29.97, 576i – 25
    • Proc Amp controls
    • Test pattern generator
    • Image storage and retrieval through SD memory card interface

Audio Processing:

    • 20 total channels of audio delay (4-AES, 16-Emb)
    • Independent audio delay adjustable +/-512mS for lip sync correction
    • Audio embedding / de-embedding capabilities
    • Individual level adjustments
    • Test tone generators

Switching capabilities:

    • Independent Audio and Video Switches
    • Video may be switched to Aux input, stored images, freeze frame, or black
    • Each audio channel may be independently switched to Aux inputs, tone, or silence


  • 2 GPI inputs may be configured for Video and Audio switches
  • Parameters and switching are controllable through JAVA-based openGear® Dashboard software running on Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Fast and easy firmware upgrades through SD memory card interface

Product by:

California Media Engineering, Inc. California Media Engineering, Inc. designs, manufactures, and supports professional audio, video, and imaging equipment and software. The company has provided design and support services for some of the most innovative equipment in the broadcast industry.