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1DVI2A1D1UKM: DVI Video with Audio and Serial Data Transmission over Fiber


The OPG-1DVI2A1D1UKM fiber optic link provides for the digital transmission of video with audio and serial data at broadcast quality.

The OPG-1DVI2A1D1UKM is an excellant choice for transmitting the full range of dual-link DVI and SMPTE compliant digital/analog video with audio and serial data over long or short distances using optical fiber. It includes features such as DVI, VGA or RGB video input, format conversion, S/PDIF digital audio, stereo analog audio, RS232 serial data and USB Keyboard/Mouse data. The openGear® system offers the flexibility of an open source platform while EMCORE fiber optic links provide greater capabilities and overall best value.

System Design

The standard openGear® frame is a 19” rackmount enclosure (Model: OPG-8320) that can hold up to 20 insert cards. Each enclosure utilizes 2U of rack space, maximizing the overall usage of the equipment rack. Emcore openGear® cards are compatible with their Optiva counterparts allowing both to be used in the same link. The option of combining openGear® with Optiva provides the maximum amount of features and flexibility for any application.

Product by:

Opticomm-EMCORE Opticomm-EMCORE is a leading provider of professional video, audio & data fiber optic systems for the Broadcast, Professional A/V, Security/Defense and Healthcare markets. EMCORE Corporation is a publicly held company (NASDAQ:EMKR) which acquired Opticomm in April 2007 to expand its vertically integrated portfolio of fiber optic transport solutions. Opticomm products are known for their high-quality and versatile capabilities, making them an excellent choice when evaluating fiber optic transport solution providers.