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MDK-111A-K – HD / SD Quad Logo Inserter

The MDK-111A-K is an advanced high density 4 channel quad logo inserter providing cost-effective channel branding. Each of the 4 input streams can independently have an animated logo inserted. For example, the MDK-111A-K can take 4 different input streams, key a logo on each of the streams, outputting 4 streams each with their own unique branding. Each stream has complete independent transition control over the logo insertion. The internal key sources can be any size up to full-frame and can be positioned anywhere on screen. This makes the insertion of trouble slides, content rating bugs, and station ID logos simple and very cost-effective.

The MDK-111A-K offers a total of 8 configurable GPI/O with full DashBoard Control and Monitoring. The GPI/O interface is ideal for simple key in / key out transitions.

Compact Flash is provided at the card-edge for local near line storage of logo content with scalable on-board, on-line memory for logo playout. The system is delivered with 2Gb standard for both Compact Flash and on-line memory.

The MDK-111A-K supports TGA, PNG, BMP and JPG file formats with a dedicated Ethernet connection for transferring images direct to the MDK-111A-K.


  • Animated Channel Branding Inserter
  • Rating Inserter
  • Downstream Bug Inserter
  • Trouble Slide Inserter
  • Branding / Sponsorship Keyer for Stadiums


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