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Cobalt Digital 9410DA-EO-CWDM-WX 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber EO Transport/Distribution Amplifier with Full-Flexibility Crosspoint (CWDM)


The all-new Cobalt® 9410DA-EO-WX 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber EO Transport/Distribution Amplifier with Full-Flexibility Crosspoint provides a card-based solution for high-density conversion from coax to fiber, as well as coaxial distribution. The 9410DA-EO-WX is multi-rate, and supports SDI and ASI/DVB on all inputs and outputs with non-inverting outputs.

An SFP-based EO converter provides state-of-the-art fiber performance, power consumption, and compactness. A crosspoint (which is user-configurable via DashBoard™ GUI remote control) allows the card to apply any of the card inputs to various coax DA outputs as well as a fiber output. Up to 9 flexibly-sourced coaxial DA outputs are available per each card.

Using a high-density low-power design along with a high-density split rear module, up to 20 cards can be installed in a frame, providing 20 channels of EO conversion as well as up to 180 coaxial DA outputs. Excellent receive performance allows coaxial receive EQ for up to 110m 3G, 180m HD, and 360m SD cable length (1694A). Full user DashBoard™ or Remote Control Panel remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network.

Use fiber wavelength codes below for card Fiber Optic Modules (FOMs) when ordering. Available wavelengths (in nm) are as follows: 1270, 1290, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1370, 1390, 1410, 1430, 1450, 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590, 1610.
In “WX” places in part number, substitute code for wavelengths in each place as listed below:
-27: 1270nm -29: 1290nm -31: 1310nm
-33: 1330nm -35: 1350nm -37: 1370nm
-39: 1390nm -41: 1410nm -43: 1430nm
-45: 1450nm -47: 1470nm -49: 1490nm
-51: 1510nm -53: 1530nm -55: 1550nm
-57: 1570nm -59: 1590nm -61: 1610nm
(Example: 9410DA-EO-CWDM-27 has 1270 nm FIBER OUT wavelength)

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Cobalt Digital Cobalt continually develops award-winning, unique solutions, maximizing capacity and packaging economy such as same-card Dolby® E/Dolby® D transcoding, quad-stream independent Dolby® D encoding, full-feature density (such as single-card scaler/framesync and loudness processing), and HDBNC and DIN 1.0/2.3 high-density connectorization. Quality is evident in both engineering design and advanced manufacturing. Unique engineering advances such as glitch-free audio resync are found in our principle frame sync products and event-based automated card setup. Robust manufacturing uses the latest in component advances and multi-layer PCB technology — all backed by our 5-year warranty.