Distribution & Monitoring

Sonifex OG-DDA8BS openGear® 8 Output Balanced Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier, 2 Inputs & Sample Rate Conversion

The Sonifex OG-DDA8BS digital distribution amplifier with sample rate converter is used to convert a digital audio input to a different sample rate and distribute it.

It has 2 selectable balanced digital audio inputs (or input and 1 external sync input) which is distributed to 8 balanced digital audio outputs.

The output rate can follow the input (i.e. no sample rate conversion or can be derived from an internal master clock, an external digital audio sync input or from 1 of two rack connected reference signals.

The refence signal can be a digital audio clock, a blackburst video reference or a tri-level HD video reference.

All rates from 32kHz to 192kHz are supported by the SRC and output circuitry. The unit has an option for the sample rate converter to fall back to the master clock frequency when the sync signal is not present.

Sonifex openGear® boards are fully compatible with the Dashboard control software that allows users to monitor and change the board settings via an ethernet interface to the rack controller card.

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Sonifex Sonifex is a Private Limited Company owned by the Directors, which manufactures broadcast audio equipment for the radio, TV, security and telecommunications industries. This is a family business, started as a partnership in 1969 by Paul and Dorothy Brooke, which has had a steady turnover over 37 years of trading, and has established a recognised position in the radio broadcasting industry.