Distribution & Monitoring

ADA-8404-C – Universal Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

The ADA-8404-C is an analog audio distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. It offers excellent common-mode rejection with very low distortion and adjustable gain control from +18dB to -14dB. The ADA-8404-C can be used as either a mono or two channel (stereo) audio DA. It provides 4 copies of the single (mono) input signal or 2 copies each of the 2 (stereo) inputs.

For high density applications, the Split Mono Rear Module (R2CSM-8404) is used, allowing 20 individual DAs configured as 1×4 to fit inside a single 2RU frame.

For even higher density installations, the ADA-8404-C can be used with the Split Stereo Rear Module (R2CSS-8404) to provide dual 1×3 channels per slot, resulting in 20 stereo channels or 40 mono channels inside a single 2RU frame.

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