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AA6201A – Universal Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

The AA6201A is an analog audio distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. It can be used as either a mono or two channel (stereo) audio DA. When used as a mono DA it can provide eight copies of the single (mono) input signal or four copies each of the two (stereo) inputs.  For maximum output capability, the T6203A and T6303A rear assemblies are used. For high density installations, the AA6201A can be used with the T6403A rear assembly to provide up to 20 1 x 4 mono audio DAs in the  frame. For ultra high stereo capacity, when used with the T6406 rear assembly in the OG3-FR-C frame, the AA6201A is capable of providing two 1 x 3 stereo audio DAs per slot providing the equivalent 40 analog audio DAs in a 2 RU frame.The AA6201A can be addressed through Dashboard to report card status.
AA6201A Manual.

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Ward-Beck Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. is a supplier of audio and video signal handling equipment to the broadcast industry. Our expertise is the ability to provide cost effective engineered solutions for everyday broadcasting problems. We have a strong background in audio signal handling and our audio processing, conversion, extraction and monitoring products are used by the most discerning broadcasters worldwide.