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VRC-100 VANC Data Monitoring

The VRC-100 VANC receiver card provides a simple and highly configurable way of monitoring the VANC data in a SMPTE 292M signal. Information about the VANC content is displayed over the video that contains it. The user has complete control over the data that is decoded and how it is displayed. The card is capable of 8 screen overlay layouts controllable by GPI (switches) or the overlays may be switched automatically on a timed basis. The card detects the presence of the data, whether it is correctly coded and can display the details of the data in readable form. Alarms in the user interface are triggered if data is not correct or not present. Alarms may be displayed as part of the overlay or may be tied to GPI/Os.

The VRC-100 can monitor such VANC as captioning, CEA-708 including embedded CEA-608; Active Format Description (AFD), SMPTE 2016; Audio Metadata, SMPTE 2020 method A & B; Timecode SMPTE 12M-2; Text Tags, video source identifiers; Redistribution Control (broadcast) Flag, SMPTE RP207; Detection of generic data based on DID and SDID; A map showing the contents of the VANC space.

The concept of the VRC-100 is your data your way. Watch your video and overlay as much information about the VANC as you wish to see.

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