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VAC-100 VANC Data Authoring Inserter

The VAC-100 VANC Data Authoring Inserter provides a cost-effective means of authoring and inserting the most common VANC data into a SMPTE 259M or SMPTE 292M signal. The card, through its user interface, allows most types of VANC data to be created and stored within the card. Switches (GPI/Os) can be used to control the VANC data that the card inserts. The card automatically adapts to the video at its input to produce the correct data at its output.

The VAC-100 can author and insert the following VANC data types:

  • Active Format Description (AFD) SMPTE 2016
  • Audio Metadata SMPTE 2020 method A & B
  • Timecode SMPTE 12M-2
  • Text Tags to indentify the source of the video
  • V-ISAN
  • Digital Program Insertion (DPI) Triggers SCTE-104 / SMPTE 2010
  • Generic Data, for hand-coded data
  • Caption Test for testing CEA-708 / SMPTE 334

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