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CMI-100 Constant Metadata Inserter

The CMI-100 provides the television industry with a cost-effective and automated means of inserting constant metadata into SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 292M signals.

The CMI-100 automatically and repetitively inserts audio metadata, active format descriptors (AFD), and other metadata into the VANC of HD and SD signals.

To simplify workflow, a number of innovative tools for defining and selecting metadata services are available:

  • User specified VANC services can be inserted based on video type. For example, the CMI-100 can insert 5.1+2 audio metadata and 16:9 AFD when an HD signal is present. When an SD signal is present, it can insert stereo audio metadata and 4:3 AFD.
  • VANC services can also be triggered by contact closures on rear-panel GPIO connectors.
  • Constant metadata packets (one or two packets of up to 255 bytes per service) can be authored using the Ross Video VANC MetaGenerator software application, and then uploaded into the CMI-100 using DashBoard.
  • Packets can also be captured from the video input. The user interface provides controls that allow the user to select packets from a list of those that are present in the input, and save them to non-volatile memory for later use.

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